In the rapidly changing legal landscape of the wild-wild-west Cannabis Industry Compliance is the key to a long-term competitive advantage

The Lay of the Land

There are 58 counties and 482 cities in California alone, each with their own unique cannabis licensing process – knowing where to start can be challenging.

Our team of lawyers and technologists are building a comprehensive database for easy and intelligent access along with visualization tools for analyzing and tracking local cannabis regulations in California. This tool can help you find the best place to begin the cannabis licensing process and we are here to help you do so!

Municipal Licensing Hotsheets

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You Can't Win, If You Don't Play!

The regulatory dominos are falling as state after state expands their legal cannabis marketplace. California is now legalized for profit-based medical and recreational marijuana, essentially doubling the domestic cannabis market and developing into the single largest cannabis market in the world.

A problem with this market is that marijuana business compliance is highly regulated industry with substantial operating costs that can impose devastating sanctions for noncompliance.

Lighten the Burden

MJIC Compliance offers a broad set of professional services including municipal license solutions and regulatory and legal licensing help.

Make New Inroads

MJIC expertly provides a broad interface between government regulators and the regulated Cannabis supply chain.

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